Ethical, sustainable, hand-crafted clothing

Affordable clothing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort, quality – or the environment!

IndyColours creates sustainable handmade clothing, using eco-friendly and low-impact materials. We source locally wherever possible and feel strongly about using organically grown fibres.

Our clothing is crafted using material featuring hand block printed techniques. Our partner artisans use non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly natural dyes throughout the process, allowing us to create sustainably conscious clothing for the environmentally aware.

Based in Sydney, Australia – we design our garments locally and work with our partner artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Delhi and Lucknow, India to produce our collections. Our partners are Fair Trade certified. This means that all workers who produce our garments are paid a fair, liveable wage and enjoy safe working conditions.

Our design aesthetics are inspired by age old concepts carved into traditional blocks, printed on light, sustainable cotton fabrics, then sewed into modern silhouettes, keeping the latest trends and cuts in mind. The result is the epitome of IndyColours - a clothing range that is eco-conscious, comfortable and affordable to suit all contemporary lifestyles.

Our underlying goal is to preserve and promote the dying art of hand block printing and our heritage passed down for generations. We carefully choose the most comfortable fabrics and nature-derived dyes for you to not just look good but also FEEL GOOD!

From our small business to you, we thank you for choosing to be environmentally and socially aware when making your choices. Please follow our journey as we showcase #WhoMadeYourClothes with our #FacesBehindPrint initiative.